DESIGN:  Create a set of original ready-to-print scaled graphic designs (1:1) of visual nudges for the following:
REQUIRED: Handwashing and Social / Physical Distancing
OPTIONAL: Other Safety / Hygiene-related visual nudges
OPTIONAL:  You may make 3D Renders or Hand-drawn depictions of your visual nudges applied in a space of your choice
convert your 1:1 scaled raster or vector images to an A4 Size PDF document, containing all the aforementioned required and optional designs, as one (1) set.  Graphics may be colored or monochrome.


The visual nudge designs must be visually attractive, and may or may not be theme/environment specific.  It can be an adaptable theme set for use in different environments, such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, dining establishments, government buildings, and other spaces where people congregate.  Or it can be a specific theme set (for example: aimed at preschoolers or medical facilities, etc.).

More than one entry (PDF document set) is allowed per contestant.  Each entry = one (1) PDF file.

There will be five (5) winning entries, with each winner receiving prizes c/o PIID.  The winning entries will be uploaded onto the PIID website as a downloadable PDF document that designers, builders, local governments, and the general public can use.  An article about visual nudges including a link to the downloadable content is also targeted to be made available through online news outlets and other social media platforms.  The designers of the winning entries shall also be acknowledged for their creative output.

DEADLINE of Submission of Entries: 
April 20, 2020 (Monday), 5pm.

EMAIL design entries to with the

EMAIL  SUBJECT: Visual Nudge Design Competition Entry

PIID reserves the right to alter/edit the final PDF documents for upload to the PIID website and other social media platforms, to conform to
PIID standards and purposes.

There will be no need for a hardcopy / printing, as the downloadable document shall be printed by the end users themselves.

For a visual nudge example, checkout the  contest graphics below (image courtesy of )


( inspired by  the keyboard  symbols BRACKET )

each of a pair of marks [ ] used to imaginary enclose  individuals in order to remind people on social distancing protocol. Colors and sizes varies. The most minimal material used to lower the cost of the vinyl markers. Combining of different designed or colors of brackIT is possible. The contrast of Matte and Reflective will be available....Company Logos can be incorporated.