Gives your business authority in the industry
Sponsorship gives your business authority in the industry thus boosts your credibility. Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event and attendees eager to learn more about your business will come to find you
Get in front of your target market
have access to licensed members of PIID interior design professionals in your target market, who you can build relationships with.
Brand awareness & business exposure
gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness, boost the perceived image of your business and gain business exposure.
The more your brand name is associated with positive experiences or emotions the stronger your brand awareness will be.
Increase your reach and exposure to new clients, customers and businesses.
Reconnect with clients and engage with an audience. If you’re in a relatively small industry there’s a chance you will have the opportunity to speak with some of your current customers by sponsoring an event. This will give you a great chance to reconnect and get feedback on how your service or product is performing. You can also use the event as an opportunity to educate your clients about any upcoming upgrades or releases.
Great way to generate quality leads