( inspired by  the keyboard  symbols BRACKET )
by IDr. Noel V. Belardo

each of a pair of marks [ ] used to imaginary enclose  individuals in order to remind people on social distancing protocol. Colors and sizes varies. The most minimal material used to lower the cost of the vinyl markers. Combining of different designed or colors of brackIT is possible. The contrast of Matte and Reflective will be available....Company Logos can be incorporated.

Visual Nudges

Design & conceptualized by
IDr. Joseph Niel S. Valderrama

Happy Nudge

A social distance measure
by IDr. Nasstasha Cara Figueras

These visual nudges aim not only to restrict but improve mental health by promoting a positive disposition through words as seen on the vinyl markers.

The psychology of color is also employed and split into two categories: urban and commercial spaces and medical facilities.

Black and yellow are adopted from caution tapes for maximum visibility while blue and green {prominent colors in nature) are used in medical facilities to calm, relax and reduce stress of both staff and patients.

brack·it Visual Nudge

by IDr. Katherine Anne Lantin

Emoji Bracket is a straight forward design using the brackets itself with added Smileys in between

O/X Nudge is inspired by the tic-tac-toe game whereas the O is used as the standing point while the X is the distance point.

Quotation Nudge, a simple way to emphasize on the importance of social distancing.

Up-Leaf Bracket, the leaves are takes form of the foot steps of a person and outlined with simplicity in different possible layouts.


Fight against CoronaVIRUSCovid19
Design & conceptualized by
IDr. Jennifer O. Serrano

Physical Distancing

on a Public Transportation
Design & conceptualized by
IDr. Danes C. Ganancial

Visual Nudge

Design & conceptualized by
IDr. Cheryl Duran


Social distancing
IDr. Cedric Allan Paul M. Tagle